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Crazy Vegas Casino offers you even more ways to win with a long list of multi-player tournaments that allow you to play against others, have a go at great cash prizes all while enjoying some of our top games at the same time.

There are daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for you to take part in as you choose. Beyond all the fun and thrills, the top prizes are serious... Seriously wild.

You will spin the reels on a specified game against other casino players in hopes of reaching the highest score and therefore landing the top spot on the leader board. The prizes will then be awarded to the top players once the tournament has ended and the scores have been tallied. Find out about all the Slot Tournaments we have for you here.


The aim of the game is to finish with the highest amount of credits and win your share of the cash. There are a number of rounds and one by one players will be outplayed until one ultimate winner is left. Will you be the next king of Blackjack? Find out about our weekly Blackjack Tournaments here.