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Online Roulette

From the decadent gaming parlors of the 18th C French Aristocracy to the most modern land-based and online casino facilities of the 21st C, Blaise Pascal’s ingenious invention of the Perpetual Motion Machine has irrevocably changed the gambling landscape.

 This game of luck and chance relies purely on the spin of the Roulette Wheel, the position that the ball lands in, and, of course, your sharp betting instincts! The table is divided into the colours Red and Black and a table grid consisting of 36 numbers. A European-style Single Zero or an American-style Double-Zero acts as the “house pocket”.


 One may place wagers on single or multiple Inside Bets and Outside Bets, inside bets referring to those bets which appear “inside” the table betting layout, such as the numbers, corners and streets, and the latter referring to those bets regarding the gaming features indicated on the outside of the betting layout, such as Odd and Even number bet

 To get started simply download the Crazy Vegas Casino software and enjoy!